Apple’s polishing cloth will take the smudges off your Apple devices for $19

Apple’s polishing cloth will take the smudges off your Apple devices for $19

Remember the $400 wheels for Apple’s Mac Pro desktop that didn’t even have a locking mechanism, or the $1000 monitor stand for the Pro Display XDR? Well, Apple’s latest product to be listed on its store – a $19 polishing cloth – is yet another highly (and unusually) overpriced item that’s asking a bit too much for that embossed Apple logo in what otherwise looks (and probably performs) just like an ordinary microfiber cloth.

Apple’s recent hardware event was an impressive showcase of the company’s most powerful chips yet, running under the hood of its new MacBooks. However, another newly released product to raise a few eyebrows is Apple’s polishing cloth, which it now sells separately on the Apple Store for a not-so-small sum of $19.

It’s likely the same, or a revised version, of the cloth that Apple included (and recommended) with its nano-textured Pro Display XDR monitor. Owners of these displays were advised by Apple to get in touch should they happen to lose their provided polishing cloth. Listing it as a separate purchase will probably make things smoother for both sides now.

Aside from being made from ‘soft, nonabrasive’ material, there’s not much besides to justify that price tag other than that embossed Apple logo, of course.

There’s also a list of compatible Apple devices, should you need an expensive piece of cloth to clean an old iPhone SE or an iPod touch.